The ADAPTT Video and Radio Page

This page contains the video of my July 8, 2010, Georgia Tech lecture (translated into 37 languages using subtitles) and Q&A session (translated into 17). To watch the presentation in your desired language, roll your cursor over the category labeled GA Tech Speech (or GA Tech Q&A), then select the entry you want from the drop-down menu. The Other Lectures category contains my March 2014 City College-NY lecture and Q&A, my November 2014 OCC-Royal Oak lecture and Q&A, along with several translations and other lectures given prior to 2010. The Other Videos category contains many interviews, plus two animated cartoons and two slaughterhouse videos. The Radio Ads section contains seven advertisements that aired on many stations nationwide in 2012-14 (the stations are listed at the end of the 4th paragraph in About Gary Yourofsky). You can also follow through each of the videos in order by clicking the "Next Video" link at the bottom of the page; the "Back to List" link will return you to the main menu below.