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Article about My Influence on Israel

Why is it okay to preach veganism in America?

(Posted October 3, 2016)  Ever since my GEORGIA TECH speech become the most-viewed speech in the history of Israel, the media have reported that between 5-24% of its population converted.

Oh, AS ALWAYS, here’s my preemptive response to the human rights dildos who wanna scream about the Israeli-Palestinian issue:

So let me get this straight: Human rights activists are allowed to EXCLUDE animals from their circle of compassion - and actively support the rape, enslavement, baby-stealing and murder of animals - BUT vegans are supposed to include humans in their circle of compassion and support those who CLAIM to be oppressed WHILE those “oppressed” humans actively oppress BILLIONS of innocent animals?

Since chickens are murdered when they're around 50 days old, turkeys and pigs around 6 months old, cows around 2.5 years of age, this makes all meat, dairy and egg-eaters BABY ANIMALS KILLERS to boot!

And why is it okay to preach veganism in America? America not only stole this land from Natives, enslaved blacks for 100s of years, and denied women and gays equal rights for 100s of years, but America murders hundreds of thousands of non white people in their endless worldwide invasions! Oh yeah, I forgot; the Palestinians are the CAUSE DU JOUR! So aren't you a good little liberal-left fucking puppet who reiterates what you're supposed to!

Human rights people are the biggest psycho-hypocrites on the planet. You scream for peace, justice, equality, love and understanding, and then proceed to build chickens coops and slaughterhouses for the Palestinians so animals - who are 100% innocent - can be murdered and dismembered! And, all the while, you liberal pricks eat steaks and hamburgers and hot dogs and cheese while discussing how to make the world a better place! Peace begins at the dinner table, with what you put into your mouth on a daily basis!

Furthermore, those Palestinians you weep for are such good people, and I love how wonderful they are to women and gays (note my fucking sarcasm, Douchebags). Keep fighting for the folks who continue to SILENCE women and gays, and stone women to death FOR BEING raped, or for wearing booty shorts and a halter top, or for kissing their lesbian lovers in public!

Veganism is FOR the animals and FOR the animals ONLY. It has nothing to do with being nice to, or helping, humans! One struggle, one fight, animal liberation. FUCK HUMAN rights!