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Dead Bodies at a Barn Fire

The victims could be hay or corn

(Posted February 11, 2017)  I've addressed the “vegans kill plants and plants are sentient" excuse several times on this website, and in many interviews and speeches. I even did a comprehensive 8-minute YouTube video titled THE SILENCE OF THE YAMS, which you should always send to anyone who brings up this stupid shit. But I recently came up with two clever retorts to this lunacy.

(1) If you were watching the evening news and they said “authorities found 20 dead bodies and 3 survivors after a massive barn fire”, would you think they were referring to humans who worked in the barn, horses and other animals who were locked up in the barn, or would you think the survivors and dead bodies were bales of hay and bushels of corn that were stacked up in the barn?

NOT a single person on this entire planet would think the victims could be hay or corn or some other plant because when anyone hears about a fire with dead bodies and survivors they know it could ONLY mean ANY human, or ANY animal but it cannot mean any plant under any circumstance.

(2) And what about wildfires? Firefighters battle these blazes year round but they aren’t there to help the plants by uprooting and relocating as many trees and shrubs and flowers as possible. They do it to prevent the fire from spreading to human homes, which could injure or kill humans and their companion animals. I do realize that uprooting plants that are directly in the path of the fire is a near-impossible task, but what about the plant life that is in the path of the fire BUT still a day or two away from being engulfed? We could certainly save those plants, right? Oh, wait. I keep forgetting that no one gives a shit about plants being burnt to smithereens because they’re just fucking plants and they don’t feel a thing.