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Honey Is Vomit

Shut the fuck up and stop denying the truth

(Posted February 12, 2017)  I’ve recently seen a few articles, and received a few emails, claiming that honey isn’t bee vomit. My BEES & HONEY essay located on already addresses this issue, but here’s another simple way of explaining it.

For people who still refuse to accept the fact that honey IS vomit, understand that there are hundreds OR thousands of bees who live in a single hive that they’ve constructed themselves, or some human on a honey "farm" built. Regardless of the builder, we can all agree that the hive is not built with honey already in it. Then, a few weeks or months later, all of a sudden there IS honey in the hive! How did it get there? Did the bees bring the honey back with them after their pollinating excursions in little honey-bee tanker trucks or tiny little mason jars? No? Hmm. So, there are only a few ways that the honey could've gotten into the hive. The bees could’ve shit it out. But I’ve never made that claim and have never heard anyone else make that claim. They could’ve pissed it out. But I’ve never made that claim and have never heard anyone else make that claim. Or, what do you think the third possibility could be? Another hole in their body; like their mouth hole! It’s vomit. Shut the fuck up, stop denying the truth and at least have the courage to say that you don’t give a shit about eating vomit or partaking in intentional acts of cruelty. Time to evolve, become vegan and stop being a disgusting douchebag who eats vomit, tit-secretions (dairy), hen-ass droppings (eggs) and the cut-up corpses of murdered animals.

And carnists have the audacity to always claim that animals are dirty, disgusting and gross when humans not only consume the nastiest things imaginable, but are the only species that possesses a necrophilia fetish (fucking DEAD bodies) and an emetophilia fetish (being aroused by vomiting or observing others vomiting). Humans are filthy 2-legged creatures through and through!